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Go loopy for this delicious cereal-themed shot

12:01 AM, Feb. 29, 2012
The cereal-inspired Fruit Loop Shot. / Tony Giberson/

The Fruit Loop Shot

1 ounces Three Olives Loopy Vodka

ounce Dekuyper Strawberry Liqueur

ounce Dekuyper Hazelnut Liqueur

ounce Licor 43

Splash orange juice

Splash Sprite

Combine all ingredients and ice in a shaker. Chill and serve in a 4-ounce rocks glass.


In the cereal isle, there are seemingly a million options to choose from. But in the form of an adult beverage, there's only one choice: The Fruit Loop Shot.

With a mascot like Toucan Sam, the decision is easy. Froot Loops is one of the most popular children's breakfast cereals ever made. Even as an adult, I can still say that I enjoy this fruity blend of taste bud explosions for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Now there is a new, delicious Three Olives Loopy Vodka that will instantly remind you of this breakfast staple. I know it sounds crazy, but you just have to try it for yourself. Between the berry and citrus flavors, you can have it on the rocks, but with this being a 70 proof vodka, not a liqueur, adding to it could only make it better.

When eating the cereal, I try to think of all the flavors that really jump out at me. What I remember most is the taste of strawberry, so adding Dekuyper Strawberry Liqueur only intensifies this flavor. Also, I find adding Dekuyper Hazelnut Liqueur gives you that genuine cereal flavor. Just when you think it couldn't get any better, adding Licor 43, a candied liqueur made with 43 different ingredients, including citrus, fruit juices and vanilla, sends this shot to new levels.

Now all you need is a splash of orange juice and Sprite, and this cocktail tastes just like the leftover milk after you've finished your cereal. Bottoms up!

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