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'Red Dawn' redo ridiculous

8:32 PM, Nov. 21, 2012
Josh Peck, left, Josh Hutcherson, center, and Chris Hemsworth in a scene from 'Red Dawn.'
Josh Peck, left, Josh Hutcherson, center, and Chris Hemsworth in a scene from 'Red Dawn.' / Film District

‘Red Dawn’

Star rating:★½
Rated: PG-13 for sequences of intense war violence and action, and for language.


At first you might think that if you’re going to remake a movie, shouldn’t it be a good one?

Then you think, no, if you remake one that’s not so good, you have a chance to make a better movie, something that’s probably unlikely if you remake a classic.

You will think of these things as you watch “Red Dawn,” director Dan Bradley’s remake of John Milius’ 1984 action film about teenagers standing up to a foreign invasion. The one thing you won’t think much about is “Red Dawn,” because it isn’t smart enough to lend itself to such rigorous pursuits.

Oh, you might contemplate how Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson have managed to go on to bigger things despite making this movie, which has sat on the shelf for a while now. Jed (Hemsworth) is the leader of a gang of kids whose lives change when North Koreans invade. Soon they and a handful of friends are hiding out in the woods, where Jed, a Marine on leave, teaches them sniper skills and the finer points of making explosives.

Could be fun, you might think. No. Bad acting and worse dialogue quickly put an end to that notion.

Unlike the original, there is no Cold War to hang the story on, so the idea of an invasion seems rather strained. Thus, you might think, why bother to remake the thing in the first place?

You may think all of these things, maybe more. Mostly, I think it stinks.

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