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Cocktail Hour: Set the Valentine's mood with Hearts on Fire

11:22 AM, Feb. 7, 2013

When February rolls around, between the indecisive weather and the beginning of tax season, naturally, most peopleís minds turn to that most Hallmark of holidays, Valentineís Day.

Whether you are a fan of the hearts and flowers or your stomach turns at the thought, it is hard to ignore the barrage of pink-tinted commercials and store displays.

What do you give that special someone in your life? Chocolates? Flowers? Jewelry? Nothing? Inevitably, we try to resist giving into consumerism and vow not to buy these affectations, but Feb. 13 comes around, and the guilt sets in.

The people we love canít be the only ones not getting a sugar-coated, pink monstrosity!

Well, perhaps this year, we can strike a compromise and rather than purchasing a truly meaningless gift from the drug store, decide to create a memory. Go out for dinner; or better yet, avoid the cooing crowds and cook a romantic meal at home. But definitely round out the experience with a custom cocktail for two.

Hearts on Fire is a bold mix of ginger cider, Fireball whiskey and a splash of raspberry lambic for that oh-so-Valentine color, pink. Itís light and fruity enough for delicate palates, with a whiskey kick for good measure, and the cinnamon is sure to warm you both.

Hearts on Fire

11 ounces Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Cider
11/2 ounces Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
Splash St. Louis Frambois

In a pilsner glass, lambic flute or large wine glass, pour chilled cider. In a cocktail shaker, add cinnamon whiskey over ice and shake until chilled. Strain into cider and finish with a splash of frambois. Garnish with a flower of your choice or drop in a few cinnamon hearts. Toast and enjoy!

World of Beer/Blend Lounge, 200 Palafox Place. 332-7952 or 466-5918.

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